E-WEEK 2018 , It's here!

Featured Events

Corporate Wars

An oppurtinity where you get to experiance the Business plan of the actual coperate world.

Launch Ventures

This is the exibit of the start-ups in our college. Be there and see the work of our E-Cell.

Cafe Studio

Get ready to witness the greatest Musical night of our E-Cell.

Start-up internships

An oppurtunity to the budding entrepreneurs to intern at start-ups and get the back-hand knowedge of operations in companies.

24-hour Start-up

You have an idea/ a dream, pitch it in and get expert opinions and suggestions to turn it into a reality in 24-hours.

Movie Screening

A documentary of Entrepreneurs who overcame thier obstacles. Come and see the troubles and solutions of thier projects.

Panel Discussion

An interactive session with a panel of entrepreneurs and the audiance. Get in here and pitch in your questions and get them clarified.


The pitch of a few Entrepreneurs who share thier point of view of sailing the ship of Entrepreneurships. Who else better to tell you about the tides than them.

Round table conference

Established Entrepreneurs and experts will be available for discussion about real world issues about Entrepreneurship.


An intellectual and improvisable game where each lette of the game corresponds to a different ideal. Attend this and test out your creativity.

Human Chess

Weren't we all Pawns at some point of time? Well here, you'll actually be able to overcome thier intellect and show your worth.


An Intellectual Quiz for those with Business plans and Entrepreneurial thoughts.

Box Cricket

Standard Box-cricket rules. Show up and show us even you are World Class.

Water Balloon Fight

Lets blow off some steam the best way, with some water, colors and maximum effort!

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